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Setting up MECC roles and permissions

Posted 17 January 2012 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

One thing I've had quite a few questions from MECC Coordinators and Administrators about during the Victorian councils rollout is best practice for setting up role permissions in preparation for the MECC.

The system's permissions have been set up with rules based on the guidelines we've been given including the EMV as well as the steering committee and MAV, however they are open to interpretation to the way that you manage your own MECC and MECC Central.  As such they are designed to be flexible and there is really no one rule of thumb to implementing these permissions for users.  However we recognise that some might want guidance with this so we have created a template with a set of recommendations which can be useful to follow if you are unsure.

The following is an extract from a page from our documentation which is available through the support knowledgebase.

Available User Permissions in MECC Central 3.0

Basically only Administrators can set user permissions and we have created six main permissions in MECC Central 3.0:

  • Active 
  • Agency User
  • Case Manager
  • Case Worker
  • Coordinator
  • Administrator

What the different permissions mean


This permission allows user to login to MECC Central and access the core features of the system.

Privileges are inherited by all MECC Central users.  You can turn this permission off to deactivate users / deny them access.

Agency User

This permission allows users to access their affiliated agency's workspaces and assign to sub-agencies.  Select an agency to grant a user this permission.

Case Manager

This permission gives users access to the People & Property module.  It also allows them to see sensitive data for cases.


This permission allows a user to assign activities across agencies and make announcements (EMCG function - for MERCs, MEROs and MRMs)


This permission grants user access to the administrator tools and gives them the ability to make announcements.

Recommended User Roles

Use the attached table as a guide for setting the role profiles for specific types of users in the MECC.  This template is unlikely to change for some time.  If you think of other roles that you want to set permissions for or have comments on this template let us know.

Functional Permissions

We sometimes get asked by IT managers and administrators what specific functions in the system that each role can access.  With this in mind we've documented these in detail in the form of a functional permissions matrix.  This is likely to change over time and you can find the latest in the support knowledgebase in the "How Tos" for User Management.  Click the "Support" link in MECC Central to access the support knowledgebase.


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